Gig Poster

I started this poster project with the intent of doing my own ‘genre’, but the more I messed around with it the more I found similarities with Art Nouveau, so I started to really research the style to get a better idea of where the style would take me. The flowers were mostly inspired by the posters/images of Art Nouveau I found, and I did the outline of the girl long before I research anything but her flowing hair ‘flows’ nicely with the genre.

The band/concert is fictional, I created everything from scratch.. no live trace, no pen tool tracing, it’s all done by brush and ‘closed’ by grabbing the annoying ends and hitting apple + J.  It took longer than I would have liked, but at least it’s worth it! … I think… I hope?

New techniques used include but are not limited to:  text on a path, a lot of pathfinder cuts/merges, global colors, and opacity.

I’m personally a bit worried about the flowers in the background making the image look too ‘busy’ or making it hard for my audience to read the necessary text, but I’ve shown the draft to a few of my friends and they insist that it’s fine. So I’m going to take a risk and submit it this way! The public demands for it!

Example of genre:
Artist: Meredith Collins


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