Image prevalence

1. Why do you think the reproduction of image is so prevalent in the world today?

Reproducing an image that the public is already familiar with creates a connection from first glance–whether it is a cute little kitten or a well-known President, the audience already has background knowledge of the piece before they get a chance to completely view or understand the replicated piece. From there, the artist can either distort the audience’s point of view with their replication or enforce it. Also, reproducing an image might be easier than completely whipping up a new image all together.

2. What do you think this prevalence bodes for the future of graphic design and your place in it?

Personally, I don’t like to reproduce an existing image. I’d much rather create my own piece from scratch by using the many details already swimming around in my head; I believe it gives me a much larger sense of creative freedom and it never limits me or anchors me to a certain pose/idea. Of course, that can have its negative attributes, like never knowing where to stop or where to start. As for the future of graphic design; reproducing images will probably continue to be prevalent and dominant in this field.

3. Why do you think the John McCain drive for the presidency failed to use the Internet (or failed to use it effectively) as a means of communicationing with voters?
I have absolutely no idea. His campagin group probably believed they didn’t need to bother with the internet, as old ‘traditions’ had served others well in the past and they the same would work for him. Also, his targeted voter pool doesn’t include the younger generation which often frequents the internet, so he most likely tried to focus on the older generation by means of television, newspapers and magazines.


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