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Title: Queen Califia’s Garden
: September 30
: This outdoor ‘museum’ is a great example of interactive art, as the garden completely made of glass, metal, and other reflective surfaces forces the audience to walk around and look at every piece of art from different angles. There are many figures in the garden, from snakes to the figure of a woman standing on top of a fearsome beast. Beneath the beast is a small egg, protected by the Queen of the garden herself and totem poles that surround her. All the beautiful reflective surfaces draw the audience in, as they are forced to see themselves in each sculpture. Sitting in the middle of the garden, beside the egg, a sense of calm and serenity is easily achieved.

The event was very impressionable, not only was it a great experience to get lost in the maze of the garden, but I found myself always looking at something with a fresh eye just by turning the corner. I respected the artist’s ability to use everyday objects to create such astonishing masterpieces, and was easily inspired by the continuous flow of color from one sculpture to the next. I don’t do sculpture, nor do I ever plan on making a career/hobby out of it. I’ve tried hands-on projects before, with materials like chicken wire, hot glue, paper Mache, and wood, but I’ve never been drawn to the subject as a whole. So the event didn’t really aid me with my own work, or inspire me much in the ways of medium, but the colors used and some of the shapes I enjoyed the experience! She definitely made me look at glass and metal in a new way. I didn’t find any ‘flaws’ in her pieces; personally, I enjoy proportional humans/creatures; so more ‘realistic’ art rather than abstract. The garden was overall an abstract piece, so although it wasn’t my cup of tea, I’m sure she achieved what she intended with her own style. I don’t think I learned anything new, no… but again, I looked at all those reflective surfaces in a new way!

Title: Teatro Izcalli
: October 5
: This event was a suave and subtle comedy, with fresh irony always around the corner. The thoughts and messages in the play revolved around stereotypes of Latinos/Latinas as well as some very real struggles they have to deal with everyday. The actors did a wonderful job popping some stereotypes and bringing other subtle things to the light in a playful, fun manner. They played with the idea of racism, of generalizations and archetypal patterns. More of the characters were ‘type’ characters, purely stereotypical, but that helped show their message in the end.

The play was very impressionable. Their tactic of teaching and showing through comedy worked, in my opinion, because they didn’t slap the audience in the face with facts… they eased them into it by performing comedy skits that didn’t make anyone feel awkward in the end. The acting was very well done, with amateurs and professionals working side by side to create an easy environment. I’ve taken a few acting classes before due to filling in holes in my major, but it’s definitely not my cup of tea. I do enjoy watching good actors act, and I think I’ll always be the one behind the curtains or in the audience because I don’t much have the nerve to put myself out completely with an acting carrier. I did admire their skill, talent, and bravery though, and I walked away from the play with new lessons learned. As far as flaws go, there were a few stumbles over lines and forgotten words, but I think that only added to the authenticity of it all.

Title: Between
: October 27
: Actor Jose Yenque presented his film “Between” at school, a movie about a woman stuck in limbo and struggling to decide if she should live or die. I didn’t personally enjoy this movie very much, as I’ve already seen the better and more ‘hollywood’ version… “Stay”. The plots of both movies are the same, with the same idea of the main character struggling through an alternative life while subconsciously they try to figure out if it’s worth holding on or if they should just let go and die. In my opinion, the movie “Stay” had much better pacing, actors, and camerawork, which made that movie a much better experience to watch. Certain moments in “Between” not only bored me to death, the camerawork made me dizzy. What was unique about this experience however, was that we got to talk to one of the main actors afterward and ask about his experiences with the movie.

The highlight of the event, for me, was actor Jose Yenque’s dialogue. He spoke of his struggles with the movie, of his experiences and things to watch out for. He offered inspirational words of sticking to one’s goal until actually achieving the ultimate dream. I really enjoyed his insight on the business, as it wasn’t just about acting, it was about life, and struggles of being doubted and rejected everyday. He insisted that we never give up, that he never did, and included anecdotes of his own experiences. Overall, the last twenty minutes of the 2 hour event was the most memorable to me. I was ridiculously bored through the movie, but his presence and speech at the end made the wait worthwhile. As far as flaws go with the movie; there were several. I’ve considered becoming the person that creates trailers for movies, it always looks so much fun and I’m sure I can do a great job, but I’m never going to make live action movies. I’d rather stick to my drawings and animations.

Title: California Center for the Arts
Date: November 30
Event: I visited this museum as part of an art event for another class. I’ve been here several times before for school and I’ve always enjoyed their exhibitions. One of my favorite pieces as The Building House, a dome-like room created with books. It has one source of light from the top that illuminated the inside of books cut up and shaved down to create a circular, egg-like opening inside what would appear to be a cube from the outside. I enjoyed the message of looking ‘insaie’ the books by never opening them and the idea that books can be used to build not just our minds but also in a literal sense. A little stool is set inside the house, where the audience can participate with the art piece and sit inside of it. The shape creates an atmosphere where any sound from within will echo back, amplified. This installation was truly amazing, I loved how it was created with library books that were going to be thrown away and all the layers of messages it carried; about as many layers as books used to block in the house.

Another piece that caught my eye was a sculpture called Aster, by Thomas Glassford. The piece was made of fluorescent light, nickel over brass and electrical handwire. This particular installation was interesting because of the shape and design. It caught my eye because of the contrast in simplicity and complexity shown at the same time. Many people didn’t even look up to this piece, as it was repeatedly mistaken for just a light source above; not as an art piece of its own. I really enjoyed how Aster was its own light source, and while the middle sphere was just a simple ball of nickel, it extended into beautiful spikes of light.

I was very inspired by these two pieces. Not only did they help me try to mix in simplicity and complexity into my own drawings, they both helped me think of different layers of hidden meaning I could put into my own art.

Title: Tara Donovan
Date: December 10
Event: A museum in downtown San Diego hosted an array of Tara Donovan’s pieces. She is a well-known artist that uses everyday, household objects to create amazing sculptures and installations. My favorite work was by far her button piece, Bluffs, which was a beautiful installation made of purple buttons. They are glued and stacked in such a way that they create a coral-like shape, or a stalagmite. The shape of the installation was what immediately got my attention. It was perfectly placed in a corner, where the light hit it from above and at an angle, which highlighted the ridges and edges of each button. I think the artist’s goal behind this piece was to not only emphasize the beauty of nature, but also show that everyday man-made objects such as buttons can be used to recreate different variations of what nature creates.

Looking at Bluffs made me feel peaceful, and serene. With the lighting, I could almost imagine that I was underwater and approaching a real piece of giant coral. I had to get fairly close to believe that the installation was really made of buttons. The small plastic discs could have been anything, but the buttonholes helped me identify the objects. The chosen color for the buttons was a great pick, for the soft purple not only brings a soft touch to the piece but the slightly transparent texture also highlights the coral/underwater factor. The resulting effect was astonishing; not only did I not want to walk away from the piece but I also had to circle it several times just to get a good sense of the shape and structure.

Her work was definitely inspirational. I was too busy marveling at her technique to find flaws, and it baffled me that she even came up with the idea to use buttons in such an extraordinary way. The resulting effect as astonishing and I loved experiencing her work!


Portrait w/ personal Logo

Rolling Hills

Text Heavy Poster

Gig Poster

I started this poster project with the intent of doing my own ‘genre’, but the more I messed around with it the more I found similarities with Art Nouveau, so I started to really research the style to get a better idea of where the style would take me. The flowers were mostly inspired by the posters/images of Art Nouveau I found, and I did the outline of the girl long before I research anything but her flowing hair ‘flows’ nicely with the genre.

The band/concert is fictional, I created everything from scratch.. no live trace, no pen tool tracing, it’s all done by brush and ‘closed’ by grabbing the annoying ends and hitting apple + J.  It took longer than I would have liked, but at least it’s worth it! … I think… I hope?

New techniques used include but are not limited to:  text on a path, a lot of pathfinder cuts/merges, global colors, and opacity.

I’m personally a bit worried about the flowers in the background making the image look too ‘busy’ or making it hard for my audience to read the necessary text, but I’ve shown the draft to a few of my friends and they insist that it’s fine. So I’m going to take a risk and submit it this way! The public demands for it!

Example of genre:
Artist: Meredith Collins


Word Art



Double Meaning


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